The World Cup match schedule is going to fry my brain. This morning I woke up at 0400 to watch the USA squeek into the Round of 16, pleased with the result because Sunday evening’s game against Mexico should be a unique event . . . this is Los Angeles after all. There seemed to be a sudden profusion of Mexican flags today. Now we’re full on into the football. Off to the Ireland’s 32 pub tonight to see Ken O’Malley play and then it’s back in front of the boob tube at 1130pm to hopefully watch Paraguay kick some Deutsch ass. Then it’s all prepping for Sundays 2330 game against the Mexicans. Nothing much else to report these days. Just football, football, football. Okay, soccer. Whatever we’re calling it. At least the game doesn’t go on for hours (for anyone who attempted to sit through game 3 of the Stanley Cup).