I’m having one of those days when every single human being surrounding me is driving me absolutely insane. Someone stopped me on the street today while I was at lunch picking up a prescription and asked if I wanted to be on camera and ask Kate Hudson a question. I have a lot of questions for Kate Hudson, probably none of which she would probably want to answer. I had just left the pharmacy where I had balked at paying $145 for a non-generic antibiotic. The pharmacist was pissed off (maybe they can’t put the pills back in the bottles they came from – of course they can), but was going to call my doctor anyway to see if he could get my cheap ass a generic so I don’t have to pay the brand drug deductible. Since the generic drug only costs me $10, I see no reason to spend the money on my health when I could be spending the difference in Las Vegas. Today I’m wearing an orange shirt, not something I normally do, but frankly just about everything else I own is either dirty or stuffed into plastic bags in the trunk of my car waiting for the dry cleaner to which I keep forgetting to go. It’s orange, but it’s stylish – Ted Baker and I got it in London. For some reason, about a half dozen people I work with think it’s incredibly funny to make a joke about “it’s not Halloween, you know.” Just for the record, these aren’t particularly funny or interesting people to begin with, and I can take a joke, generally. I just expect a little more originality. In other words, the dumbasses can go fuck themselves. While waiting for my prescription, and just prior to being asked to ask Kate Hudson a question, I went into a Jamba Juice to get a liquid lunch because, you know, there’s nothing like dropping off a prescription at a pharmacy, and realizing that no amount of drug is going to keep you from keeling over sometime in the future regardless, to serve to remind you to eat healthy. So I get some soy based crap with fiber boost crap and guess what? It tasted like a crap mixture of sawdust and plaster of paris. I’ve since eaten two cookies and a Big Grab bag of Cheetos from the downstairs vending machine in order to make up for any kind of gratifying flavor (i.e. sugar, fat and salt) in the so-called fruit smoothie.