A Day in the Life of an Advertising Account Supervisor:

Running through Chinatown, between the cramped just-waiting-to-be-crushed-in-an-earthquake stalls inside the Dynasty Center, looking for a velvet Elvis painting amid the tonnage of cheap Chinese manufactured clothing and barking toy dogs. Turning a corner I think I spy a new corridor of yet unsearched stalls. In my haste – I have to get back with the painting in time for Fedex – and to my horror, I think I’ve run into and knocked to the ground a small child.

No. It was a Latina dwarf.

So now I’ve become one of those bloggers whose parents have discovered his blog. They even give advice on blogger.com as to how to handle this phenomenon. I’m just going to keep (start, I should say, I’ve been away since starting my new job) writing the blog.