KNEWSEEN™ is a great site I found on KALIBER10000. Josh has a pretty large collection of art for under $20. Especially interesting and worth spending some time with are his “Instant Series” Polaroids. I managed to get my hands on a series of four that I think will go nice together. As you browse the images (I concentrated on the ones that were yet unsold) you start to pick up on themes. For mine, I chose three that were taken from the interior of an automobile – notice also the bird motif – and one that just struck me because of the composition (a burning hillside). Here are the ones I chose:

Instant Series #14

Instant Series #32

Instant Series #36

Instant Series #41

Spent the afternoon doing very little other than a two hour excursion to Koreatown to meet some friends for kim chee delights at lunchtime and working on updating my resume on my site.