Just when you think the other Coast can’t be more bizarre than this one, a story like this one breaks on Page Six of the NY Post:


DOWN-on-his-luck smut sultan Al Goldstein has finally hit rock bottom.

The former Screw magazine publisher, who has lately faced destitution, legal woes and homelessness, called us from a shelter at Bellevue Hospital yesterday and said he was fired from his job as a greeter at the Second Avenue Deli.

A couple of years ago I saw Al walking through the shopping arcade at The Venetian in Vegas with some Asian porn star/hooker/hottie. Now he’s homeless. Go figure. I remember watching his kinda-sorta-totally-lame Screw magazine show “Midnight Blue” on Channel 35 on Time-Warner cable in Manhattan (you know, the channel that also aired the Robyn Byrd show?!). It also aired two episodes of my brother and my attempt at producing quality community access cable show: Half Hour Super Power. Yes, I’m proud to say I have appeared in my own show on public access all across New York City.