The reviews are in for the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. (Judith Jamison, artistic director, not to be confused with Jenna Jameson, porn star.)
96th St. subway at Central Park West, New York City.

Raleigh North Carolina. Home of Chickenman and his trained chickens. Bird flu birthday parties woo hoo!

Just in case you don’t have time to visit the site above, here are Chickenman’s top chicken names:

1) Aquila
2) Priscilla
3) Apollo
4) Smell Good
5) Matthew
6) Knot Head
7) John the Baptist
8) Mr. Frizzle
9) W.D. 40
10) Peter
11) David the Giant Killer
12) Barnabus
13) Martha
14) Duracell

Here’s the baby. You can count the fingers and toes already, and during the live event ultrasound, she/he was waving his/her arms around frantically. Caro cryed; I was still mentally processing the fact that I was (a) looking at my child and (b) there was another man in the room with a lubed up wand inside my wife’s lady business.

At first I thought the baby head looked canine, but we decided instead that it looked like a Mexican masked wrestler.

Please note the resemblance.

There’s a hellofalot to talk about.

So next on the agenda is going to be Time Persons of the Year (what about that picture of Condie followed by Sheehan? Great editorial decision . . ), Bjork’s Thanksgiving Feast featuring Mathew Barney’s barbecued shark (along with a small world experience with Ko), Caro and my Christmas brunch with the Paris-Brest pastry, Sarbannes-Oxley (duh, not really dumbshit!). The whole war machine, man, for sure, though. Dean Williams is living with a view from the Berkeley Hills of all of the Golden Gate. It makes me love California, that I get so often to get both Los Angeles and San Francisco in my perspective (I think some of my best posts on this blog have been about San Francisco.) Saying hello to Jennifer Aniston while Christmas shopping on 3rd street last night and then dinner at The Grill in Beverly Hills (gin & tonics).

No, all interesting and all that, but bigger things have happened.

Caro is pregnant and I’m going to be a Dad.