So I’m getting married on Saturday. Haven’t been hanging around this joint much lately. Welcome back. Good to see you.

It’s 12:30 a.m. and I have to be up in 5 hours to leave for my morning flight to Atlanta. Not feeling too tired. Mostly pensive. Caro has already arrived in Athens. She tells me that I’ll be relieved to be out of LA and in Georgia. And I believe her.

The leaves will be changing. It will be Fall in Georgia. Real autumn. It’s been cool here, though. Misty at the beach. Foggy and Northern California-like. It’s kept me in a level mood, actually. I’ve enjoyed it. It feels good on the skin, in the same way that sunshine does. Different kind of light, I supposed. Diffusion.

Looking forward to this blog coming back around to Los Angeles. There is a lot in this town that intrigues me lately. Construction (specifically, skyscrapers). Indonesian cuisine (nearby). Bad hair (1980s weren’t that cool). Skid row (not the band, rather the horrifyingly real yet fantastical place downtown). Cinema (for all the schlock and pornography, there is an equilibrium with documentary and indie film). Interior space (architectural AND cerebral). Celebrities (always, the celebrities).

Be back soon.