Google Cop Pig

No, this isn’t a post about Google’s collusion with the Chinese secret police. So check it out: when you do an image search on Google, for the term “cop pig” you get a photo from Left on Red. Nice.

I did the search after checking my weblog – apparently my now famous photo (taken in Chinatown after an art opening) has made its way onto MySpace and is being served up to shitloads of profiles.

Check out the picture of Caro on the search terms “coke zero.”

Edward Who?

Okay. Caro and I have just played over and over on Tivo the Barbara Waters interview with George Clooney in which she says “Edward R Murroroorrrrrerrr” as the name of the CBS newsman.

And the classic:

BW: “Batman is gay?”
GC: “I made him gay.”

Thanks, George.