Toe Lickin’ Fun in the OC

So, ya wanna be in PICT-CHAS?! I’ll make you a STAAHHHHH!”

“SANTA ANA, Calif. – A homeless Orange County man who allegedly licked the feet of five boys after promising to cast them in a television commercial has been charged with lewd conduct, officials said Tuesday.”

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And if that’s not enough, please enjoy the Reverend Brett Sweat‘s blog devoted to the celebrity homeless of LA, The Homeless Awards!

Ziji on TipJar & PerezOnLeftOnRed

A few link notes for today:

Nansi and Katerina’s awesome clothing line, Ziji, is featured on today.

Also, glad to see that PerezHilton has seen my blog, after I posted the picture of Ko with Bjork at a club up in San Francisco.

Also, Jeremy of ToGawp and Blogebrity fame (by the way, I was the one who broke the Marissa gets killed on the OC story after getting the news from a friend of mine from WB outside of A.O.C.) turned me on to PopURLs which is a compendium of what’s hot on everything from Digg to Flickr.

Get Out of My House, You Infidels!

We couldn’t resist. Last night Caro was undressing herself. Being in the ninth month of the pregnancy and all, it’s a little tough for her to pull her dress off over the baby and her head. When she got stuck, I happened to have my mobile phone and snapped this shot. My beautiful Iraqi-esque bride.

Just in case any Al You-Know-Who-aeda breaks into our house while we’re watching my father talk about the Iran Hostage Rescue on Guests of the Ayatollah, our plan will be for Caro to pull her dress up over her head and begin screaming “Allah is Great!”

High Tech Seacrest

So my friends at E! Television have revamped their lobby since signing on Ryan Seacrest as a talking head to deliver the quote news unquote. In addition to featuring super-sized portraits of Ryan, Paris and company, and a whole wall of monitors (so you can watch all 101 stupid celebrity moments at the same time, I suppose), they installed this very rad television panel. It floats in a ceiling-to-floor panel of glass. You can see through the image to the lobby, and from inside the lobby you see the televised image reversed. I know this is probably not news to those of you who read Gizmodo or Engadget, but it’s the first time I’ve seen anything like it fully functioning. It was damn cool.

Russian Tunnel Video
One of those stupid YouTube videos that someone was passing around at work. The only reason I think this video is worth watching is so that you can wonder what it must have been like to be in the back seat of the double-length bus. Watch as the rear of the bus swerves from one side of the tunnel to the other. Also make note of the auto that farts out gas in the last shot. It looks like a Trabant, but is more likely the crappy Soviet era Zaporozhet.

Yo! Ko!

Yo, it’s Ko! Saw this photo of a friend on PerezHilton.

Ko is a trip, a huge source of positive energy in the universe, and can tell some wild stories. Like the time she went to Bjork and Matt Barney’s pad for Thanksgiving and they barbecued a shark.

By the way, Ko is not a tranny. I hope the caption isn’t supposed to refer to her. Dang.

Fake Swiss Cheese

Not far from the office in Venice is a Swiss restaurant/bar, The Waterfront (or some s**t like that) so a buddy from work and me decided to head out for a beer and a burger for lunch. The funny thing about being 6’3″ blond and blue eyed in a Swiss bar is that a whole lot of people come up to you speaking German. On the way back to the office (we had to leave at the 0-0 draw at end of regulation before overtime — duty calls) some guy even stopped me on the street and blurted something at me in German (or Swiss German, or some dialect who the hell knows). I just guessed what he was asking me and said “it’s just around the corner.” He really just wanted to know the score, not directions, it turned out. I tried to fake it, what can I say?

Waiting for Tucker

So I’m on my to LAX to pick up Brenda who is coming in from San Francisco, but the already late flight turns out to be even later. So I take a pit stop on my route down Sepulveda Boulevard at the In & Out Burger. But then I think, shit, I’m getting enough middle age gut spread as it is, no need for delicious creamy yummy In & Out sauce on a double-double. But I figure with the 30 extra minutes to wait I’ll just chill out near the airport and wait for Brenda to call me when she gets off the plane. The In & Out is right next to the airport – it’s literally at the end of the runway – and there’s a small park where people are playing soccer with their kids. It also happens to be the craziest place to watch airplanes, if you’re into that sort of thing. But I got to tell you, when you’re that close to Boeing 747s hitting the runway – there’s a mix of burnt rubber and jet fuel that reminds me of auto racing – you can’t help but being into watching airplanes. In fact, you start getting anxious waiting for the next one. It’s loud, it’s big, it’s mechanical and freaking impressive. You still get left with that sense of “how the f**k do those things stay in the air?” Next time I’m picking up people at the airport, I’m getting a burger.

Partying with Love Boat Crew

I am up in Seattle for a new business pitch. It also happens to be the evening of the DDB Seattle charity golf tournament. The theme this year was the 1980s, and here I am at the Love Boat green. Julie was not there with any party supplies – hey, she was made of cardboard – but they did have a buffet that included Chicken McNuggets. I mean, that’s like crack. McDonald’s is a DDB client, so there is a certain small (very small) place in my heart for ground up chicken pieces fried up and dipped in corn syrup. I mean Sweet & Sour sauce.

DDB Seattle is a blast, and I met the very awesome biz dev director who is a NC native and worked at Martin in Richmond. Turned out we knew someone in common, the incredible and one and only Jill Hammer. They like to drink beer – good beer – and they have a 10th floor outdoor patio with views of the harbor. Clients pay green fees and putt for prizes. Great idea, lots of fun, and cool for client relations.