Ms. Yellow Fever Virginia

Brenda is travelling in South America for the holidays. She sent a great email which I feel like sharing:

Hello all! South America has been really exciting so far, partly because the brilliant folks at the San Francisco travel clinic didn´t think I needed my Yellow Fever Vaccine. My tour guide is from Peru and was visibly shaken when she found out that I was shotless.

So we´ve spent a bit of time in each place trying to find a clinic and finally ended up getting my "jab" in the port of Montevideo this morning. Literally the port with sailors and everything . . . hello sailor.

My group may be the best I´ve ever had traveling. We laughed so hard at supper last night my face hurt this morning and my stomach is still tender. The menu had "Virginia Style Ham" on it and I got so excited that after telling the waiter I was from Virginia that my new name was Ms. Virginia.

There are two sisters on the trip that are Irish but live in London, one is a theatre buff and we´ve hit it off like a house on fire. I see a trip back to the UK in the near future-she´s never been to Stratford upon Avon and neither have I so we are going to plan somehthing, not to mention Hamlet at Castle Elsinore in Denmark. (on the things to do before i die list)

Buenos Aires was amazing but I certainly have to go back, didn´t spend enough time there. It reminded me of a perfect mix between Paris and Havana. Friends of Manolo Marquez and Jim Citrin, Ignacio and Veronica, took me out for dinner the first night for the best steak I have ever eaten.

Ignacio has a talent for getting information from people and has told me I am too picky and that marriage is a lottery. I didn´t have the heart to tell him that I am not going to get married. They were incredibly sweet and I hope to meet them again.

Colonia was also amazing, just a few hours by ferry from Buenos Aires in Uruguay and surrounded by water. My Spanish is much better than I expected and I certainly need it here but the people are so generous and kind they still work hard to communicate even when I can´t find the right words.

We are off tomorrow to a ranch in Estancia for twob days where we are going to ride horses and drive cattle. I am not kidding, I´ll take lots of photos.

Love to all,

Quiet Day

Welcome 2008!

Spent a quiet day cleaning out the garage, weeding, trimming and watering plants, having a beer, playing with Henry, buying groceries and recycling Christmas package boxes and generally enjoying the sunshine.

I love LA in the winter.

Here's a shot of the garage after a sweep. We're due for a garage sale to get rid of loads of accumulated stuff, some nice junk like Tiffany champagne flutes and funny stuff I've had forever like a tin E.T. television tray.

Thanks to Dr. John Ott for the two vinyl LACMA banners. They were originally hung from city lamp posts to promote the museum exhibition. He's now an art history professor at James Madison University.

Happy New Year, everyone.

Fred Segal

My wife has dragged me to yet another awesome LA party. Models were involved. I made an ass of myself to Amy Smart retelling a story about how she dissed me once in an interview. Oh well. Hollywood Schmollywood.

World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS Day. This is a video project I just completed for PRODUCT (RED). Thanks to everyone at (RED) and the Global Fund, all of whom work so hard and so diligently to work towards the eradication of HIV/AIDS. Find out more at JOINRED.COM.


Thanks to Karen, Rich, Carole, Damion, and everyone at (RED), Tribal DDB, DDB, Spotwelders, Machine Head, Lime Studios, but special thanks to Colette and Bich Ngoc who had the vision to make this project happen.