It was sad to hear the news of the death of the guy who played the mascot, Ramses, for UNC basketball. We were recently in Chapel Hill visiting our folks back in North Carolina. We took C’s father, an alum of UNC, to see Virgina Tech defeat the ‘Heels in overtime. Later, at the NCAA tournament, the guy who played Ramses (shown here in a photo I snapped at the game) was accidentally killed when he was hit by a car while walking back to his hotel from a convenience store. Sad story.

(Since authoring this post, the shootings at Virginia Tech have made the experience feel even more morbid and bizarre.)

This Blog Doesn’t Suck.

No, not this blog, dummy. You may think the blog you’re currently reading is sucky, okay fine, but this guy’s blog really doesn’t suck. Maybe because he’s a comedy writer, or maybe just because his un-sucky content is about what does suck. Like head cheese, which definitely does suck. A lot. He lives in Hoboken, NJ, but it’s unclear if that sucks or not. Mostly, I think it would suck.

He’s friend’s with the McDonald’s raw chicken girl-victim and comedy writer, whose blog, Felber’s Frolics, is also quite funny.


A dense fog blankets a Los Angeles neighborhood. . .

Apparently they’re filming something in my ‘hood. Crafts Service has set up the catering tents in my neighbor’s yard. As I was snapping this photo with my phone, one of a couple of guys from the crew said, “Uh oh, an irate neighbor taking photos.” He couldn’t have read me more wrong. I told him that if the Director wanted to come over for dinner, just knock on the door and let me know. “What’re you serving?” he asked.

“Whatever the Director wants, of course,” I shot back. Chuckles.

Snow Patrol at Gibson Amphitheater

This shot from the second row stage left actually turned out nice. Irish slash Scottish band, Snow Patrol, who I’d really not ever listened to very much before. Suprisingly young crowd, so obviously they’re getting a lot of mainstream radio play. The songs were hit and miss, some saccharine radio pop as well as some good rock show tunes. You can hear why they were opening for U2 on tour.

Ok Go

YouTube superstars, Ok Go, opening for Snow Patrol at Gibson Amphitheater in Universal City. If you have any doubt about the power of the internet, this band (and the screaming teen audience who showed up to see them) should put it to rest. They clearly like to remind themselves of their power and popularity by constantly chiding the audience to perform stunts for them like flashing mobile phone screens. They had a video backdrop running some really great stuff, though; they also reminded the audience to check out their new YouTube video and that they have the best videos. Interesting at a live show.