We have been Wii-ing.

This is the first post I’ve typed out soley on the Wii. Which is part of the reason I’ve been pretty lax about posting to Left on Red. The Wii addiction has been sucking up some free time. At least I have a job in interactive marketing so that it qualifies as work. Sounds like something an alcoholic would say about working as a bartender.

The baby gets a littler bigger and more toddlery. The flowers in the front yard are blossoming and the warm California sun is shining. Work is going great; there should be some good news there soon, I hope.

More to come shortly on some sad notes and some funny ones.

That’s life, though: a little bad with the good and in the end it all balances out.

David Sedaris, No Photography Allowed.

Caro surprised me with a trip down to Irvine to see David Sedaris read. Front and center! Photography wasn’t allowed, so I got this dumb shot of the podium before he came out. He was introduced by a local teen he found at the pre-reading book signing (she was running for Secretary of her school’s student council, and pronounced herself a supporter of the Newport Beach Public Library) before launching into an hour of reading. Most of it I’ve heard on NPR or read before in the New Yorker, but he ended the reading with recent entries from his diary, made while on a fact-finding trip to Japan. Funniest one being about a barber with crap (literally, feces) on his hand, and Sedaris’s attempt to get him to reveal his poop-smeared palm.

He read his New Yorker piece about buying weed while home in Raleigh for Christmas. I think at one point, Caro and I were laughing so hard, we started yelling “oh my god! oh my god!” at him, like he was doing some sort of personal reading for us. A consequence of sitting in the front row, just facing the reader and seeing no one in the audience behind us.

Sedaris is special to me and Caro; not because he’s from Raleigh, which is cool, but that we were both reading his book, Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim, when we met.