Stinky Latte

I forgot why I took this picture, although I think it had something to do with th smell. Yeah, it smelled like the sewer system at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on Sepulveda & Palms had backed up into the shop. The odd thing about it – other than the odor – was that the employees seemed immune or were pretending nothing was wrong.

Health Alert! E.T.C.S.

Don’t let the nightmare of E.T.C.S. happen to your family. Extreme Toy Choice Syndrome can leave a once happy child confused, upset and roiling in fits of angst and torment. Cake pan? Wooden Spoon? Firehouse Mouse? Teething Rings 1, 2, 3 or 4? Soccer Ball? My First Briefcase including My First Mobile Phone, My First Calculator, My First Wristwatch? Caterpillar thingy that Dad likes more than Baby?

All of this choice can only lead to one thing: E.T.C.S. Faced with so many options (not to mention: Xbox controllers, Wii remotes, mobile phones, home telephones, DVD remote, DirecTV remote, HDTV remote, extension cords, computer cords, USB cords, Ethernet cables, and Baby Einstein DVD cases – five of them) babies around the country are looking up at their parents with faces twisted with anguish that say, “Why,Daddy? Why is this consumer electronics and toy manufacturing baby entertainment, distraction and sedation system – this E.T.C.S. hell now part of my young life?” They scream for help, but they fall on ears muffled with Xbox Live headsets, bluetooth earbuds, and iPod earphones. Don’t let your child face E.T.C.S. alone. Face the facts.

Don’t let it happen to your baby.

TV Networks Try A Little ‘Blogola’

To Create Buzz, TV Networks Try A Little ‘Blogola

Apparently, in an attempt to get bloggers to say nice things about the upcoming Fall television lineup. bloggers are being showered with gifts including iPods and free gym bags.

Wow. A gym bag. Now we’re talking some major swag! I have a closet full of gym bags dating back to the early Pleistocene era. Video iPods? You’d think the last place you’d want to watch a killer new crime drama would be on a screen the size of a television network executive’s brain. Small, very small.

But, if there are free trips and junkets to Vegas, bring it on! I’ll say nice things about any kinda meaningless crap like a sitcom for a night at Mandalay Bay and a steak dinner.