Back on the Blog

So, what’s my excuse? I didn’t have a camera-phone until yesterday, when I upgraded my four year old Blackberry with a new Blackberry Curve. I had gotten rid of my mobile phone with camera a while ago, in favor of my work Blackberry with phone and email. I didn’t realize how dependent I’d become on mobile photo blogging to create posts. I guess it was just easier to write captions, or capture funny moments, than it was to just write a few paragraphs. That must be the ad agency life seeping into my my blogging. Need a visual. Need some copy.

During my “sabbatical” from this blog, I did move offices to a spot with a giant picture window looking out over Main Street in Venice. I work in the Frank Gehry “Binocular” building, in the wing that is meant to look like the bow of a ship (the white framed cutouts in this picture – you can see how it curves off to a point to the right of my office. It’s a great space to work in, and I appreciate the company giving me the office.

More good times to come. Caro and I are going to a black-tie event for City of Hope this week as a guest of Gibson guitars. Should be some good blogger photo snapshots.