Where’s my Bro?

So T.R. has been sailing around somewhere, and I hadn’t heard from him in a while. I got an email out of nowhere yesterday, not expecting he was anywhere with a PC or Internet access.

So I wrote and in typical yachtsman fashion, he sends me his longitude and latitude in degrees and minutes, north and west. I couldn’t figure out how to search Google Maps without converting the degrees to decimal, but a quick search in Google found a conversion calculator. Then using the Help section of Google Maps, I figured out how to map the coordinates. What was interesting is that you can insert text in parentheses in the search box, along with the coordinates, and the resulting url will allow you to include your own text in the mapping result. Which has the potential for fun, and a personal message for my brother, given that his sun drenched ass is boating around:

Click here to locate Tommy, and the special greeting tailored just for him.