Victoria’s Secret Hilarity

I forgot I snapped this while shopping with Caro at The Grove. No, I wasn’t chasing girls through a lingerie shop, Caro was exchanging a very nice gift I got her. That’s right, I’m that guy.

Anyway, the twin girls lounging on the same sofa as a mannequin, and the pinkness of it all, made a great shot. One of them turned to the other as Caro and I passed and said, “What is a boy doing in a girl’s store?!”

My sentiments, exactly.

Village Green Preservation Society

I heard this song, The Village Green Preservation Society, on XM Radio today and it got to me. It’s a 3-disc set of The Kinks’ 1968 album. Has some great lyrics, and I’m thinking it would be a good name for the weekly weekend family trips that we have on our New Year’s resolution list, trips that we’d like to take with our friends and their kids around Los Angeles.

This weekend, we’re planning on seeing the (c)Murakami exhibit at M.O.C.A.