Hacky Sack in my street, February on a sunny L.A. afternoon. Sometimes I think my street feels a little crappy. I have to clean up bags of Del Taco thrown out of car windows sometimes and stray dog shit out of my yard, but my friend Wendy said recently that my street felt like a neighborhood. There are usually people grilling, walking their kids on bikes, walking to temple or their dogs. There are Sikhs (there’s an ashram at the end of my street) jogging by my house, and the Mayor of Preuss Road, as Caro and I call him, standing at the end of the street and keeping an eye out for his little corner of L.A. These dudes playing hacky in front of our house in the warm winter sunshine, while I was out digging around in the garden, just reminded me how much I love this place sometimes. & BCAM is one of those great blogs you find from a friend. This has one of the better small articles I’ve read on the reborn Broad Contemporary Art Museum (BCAM), next to LACMA. Little did I know that it is one of the largest column-free art spaces in the United States, which will make for some stellar installations (as you can see from the Jeff Koons sculptures here).

A Solution for L.A. Housing?

Single Hauz – I love the name – is from Polish design and architecture firm Front Architects. Given this city’s love affair with the outdoor billboard, this looks like it could make some headway here. Especially in this publicity-driven city, where building one of these, say on Hyperion Boulevard in Silver Lake, would probably land you some serious press.

Y2K, Me and The American Dialect Society

The Y2K

This came up in a recent Google Alerts I have set to see when something with my name is published (okay, I know it sounds vain, but it’s really so I can figure out where people might be back-linking or posting about my blog). A recent Alert included this post about the name of a drink in the cocktail calendar I published at the end of the last millenium (sounds impressive, huh?). The American Dialect Society, as part of their ongoing work, is perhaps looking to seek out how terms like “Y2K” entered the American vernacular.

Coincidentally – given the years I spent doing my small part to help undermine the American economy by advertising subprime mortgages – the word subprime is the Society’s 2007 word of the year.

The Office

They are discussing, one by one, the emails they've sent to one another. Yet, not disclosing the content. There are pregnant pauses and lots of 'uuhhmmmms' between each discussion. Look at the skinny guy, he is straight out of the original British show. One Mom has to go pick up her troubled daughter at school. Oh my God! Jim Dorn is going to be here today!!

BCAM / Chris Burden

Saturday at the gym and the red carpet was rolled out across the street for arrivals to the grand opening party for the new Broad Contemporary Art Museum. Seeing it gradually come together from inside the L.A. Fitness on Wilshire has been interesting. I thought at first the collection of lamp posts were just being held there before installation on the grounds. As it turns out, it’s an art installation by artist Chris Burden.