Above the Sunset Strip

Waiting at the top of a hill above the Sunset Strip, after catching the Kansas vs. Villanova NCAA tournament game. Stopped by my buddy Greg’s place to park at his apartment, and looking down the street, I was struck by both how dark it was, just a few dozen meters up the hill, and how much activity there was in a small postage stamp window of light down at the base of the hill. Greg and I tried Rainbow, but they wanted ten bucks just to come in to hang out with the heavy metal skanks, so we just opted for the pub at Red Rock instead. A fine, beer soaked evening out on the Strip.

Clippers Game at Staples

Our Activision client was cool and kind enough to hook us up with tickets to a box at the Staples Center to catch a game between the Clippers and the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors kicked the Clippers’ asses (no surprise there); I think the look on Lindsay’s face probably has more to do with whatever disturbing tale Paul is weaving just behind her.

I ate three Staples Center hot dogs (they were free in the luxury box), which is the whole motivation for me going to anything NBA. Note how many people are paying zero attention to the game.