News from Preuss Road

There’s a new house going up on our street, which these days is a good sign for our corner of West L.A. There are a few tear-down worthy old stucco bungalows on the street, and frankly the more of them get torn down to build multi-million dollar homes, the better for us. The good news is this home already has the solar panel array being built on the roof, and the window installs are high quality. It’s always interesting to see change happen, as it’s been happening pretty slowly. Robertson Boulevard is getting cleaned up a little; the best news of late is the arrival of Dolce Isola, the Ivy’s bakery that opened up this year. Hopefully we’ll see some more upgrades on our rather disappointing offerings on Robertson.

Great New Wine Shop in Venice Beach

For anyone who lives in Venice Beach, you have a great new wine shop on Rose Avenue a few blocks west of Lincoln. I picked up some amazing German wine that Oscar, the owner of Venice Beach Wines, recommened, for about $12 a bottle. You can click here to read by Yelp review that includes contact info and a map. Remember to read Alder Yarrow’s if you need some great wine suggestions!

Expo line

Sorry for the bad photo. I was trying to show early construction over by USC for the Expo Line light rail that the MTA is building from downtown to near my house. The line will run from downtown, by USC (including the Galen Center) and Exposition Park (home of the Natural History Museum, the Olympic Memorial Coliseum and the California Science Center) and then through kind of some rough territory to Culver City.

Look out kid, don’t matter what you did . . .

We took a family trip to the Skirball Cultural Center and Henry jammed on the keyboard to some Bobby Dylan in the Bob Dylan’s American Journey exhibit. You could also play guitar or percussion, and they had a lot of folk revival memorabilia, too. See it soon – it runs through June 8, 2008 and these things always leave town before you remember to visit them.

We also played around in the really amazing Noah’s Ark exhibit (the real reason we went up there that day), which if you haven’t been is a real treat for any kid (and parent). It’s one of those things that is unique and so interactive and playful that you’re amazed at how anyone came up with the idea, and you have to experience it; words can’t do it justice. Henry had a blast running around untethered with dozens of other kids. We even ran into some friends we hadn’t seen in a long time.

Ad Crap on My Daily Commute

Here’s some tear-off poster outdoor advertising I saw while parked at a stop light at Palms and Centinela. The Powerade ad tears off so if you are into whatever is in the ad, you can tear it off and slap it up in your room. I’m guessing the target is either young guys who still live at home, or homeless guys who live in storage units and need some decorating (you’re more likely to find the latter at this particular ad location). Interesting outdoor idea, though.