Jesse Dayton

So in one of the small world instances that me and Caro are becoming famous for (at least among a select few friends), it just so happened that our Austin friend, Jesse Dayton, was playing in Aspen on the Saturday before Memorial Day. He’s been touring with Mike Ness from Social Distortion. He was a little surprised to see Caroline and me, and we probably should have given him some heads up. Also, in a stroke of luck, we showed up without tickets, and our group of five got the last five before the box office sold out. Crazy! Jesse is a blast, so definitely check out his site to see if he’s coming to a venue near you. 


Memorial Day weekend had us up in Colorado visiting friends. The view from the patio was amazing (this photo doesn’t do it justice). The mountains were still snow-capped and there was a Spring chill in the air. The air was fresh and the sky blue, and the buds of the trees were just beginning to open.

Snags at Beer O’Clock

We celebrated the final presentation of our big business pitch with a barbecue on my boss’s office patio this afternoon. After a few Bud Lights and a couple of hot dogs (“snags” as my Aussie boss might say), I finally found myself winding down from weeks, actually months, of stress, excitement, argument, doubt, elation, late nights, coffee and office catering. The best times in advertising really are when you work on a team, competing against other agencies and even with people inside your agency, seeing what great creatives can come up with, and then that final blast of adrenaline you feel in the car pulling into the (hopefully) new client’s parking lot.

Metro Bus Chronicles #3

Too much sugar in my coffee this morning. Starting out too much on the sweet side. It’s hot already, the city has started to bake. A couple of guys get on the bus outside the India Sweet and Spice (how queer, the Sweet has been rubbed off the awning). They stand in the aisle me, smelling of hair tonic and cardamom. “It’s going to be a long weekend, isn’t it?” I ask myself. I need to reach my destination slowly, the approach must be carefully timed to my thoughts. I have to leave some inspiration behind, in reserve, to brew for later tapping.

Eleven Signs You’re No Longer a Hard-Core Gamer

11 signs you’re no longer a hard-core gamer. And that middle-age is fast setting in . . .

You’ve pre-ordered GTA IV but don’t mind if it doesn’t turn up on launch day

“Wednesday’s just fine. Really. You’re a bit busy at the moment, anyway. In fact, you probably won’t get a chance to play GTA IV until the weekend. You’re also not bothered by the prospect of downloading the DLC for GTA IV either. You’ll never finish the main game anyway.”

So true. So true.

We Won the First Belding of the Night!

Wow and we deserved it! The first Belding award went to the Activision team (Marcus & Miguel pictured here) for the videos for World Leader Reviews. The Belding theme this year was to award not only the silver bowl, but also to provide “bonus” awards. In this case, Marcus and Miguel are serenaded by YouTube star Tay Zonday who sings “Chocolate Rain” (of “I move away from the mic to breathe in” fame). The next winner received a foot long hot dog from a cougar, and so on and so on. At the end of the night, World Leaders for the Activision game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare won the Belding Sweepstakes prize for DDB Los Angeles.