I Want To Die. Thanks, DMV!

Why am I here? I have willingly submitted myself to this nightmare. People are yelling at the receptionist. She doesn’t seemed phased. The only good thing about it is there a super dorky 16 year old and her Mom in line for her license. They’re cute and straight from nerd central casting, in a cool way.

Why has no one ever made a sitcom about the DMV. Oh, I know. Because really the only things that happen here qualify as tragedies.

Expo Park: California Science Center Expansion

California Science Center Phase II is under construction in Exposition Park. I took the kid down there to go to the Natural History Museum. This new exhibit space will double the size of the Science Center, and will house the World of Ecology exhibits.

The Natural History Museum is going through some renovations, too. Which it needs badly. The exhibits definitely have a “we did these back in 1984 when the Olympics were at Memorial Coliseum next door” kind of feel. The rotunda that has the dinosaur hall is currently closed off, as is the Native American exhibits, clearly two of the biggest draws to the museum.