Dodgers – Championship Series Game

Phillies take it. A friend of Caro’s (yes, she is the hookup queen – I swear my wife knows at least one person in every organization who has anything to do with fun events) at Major League Baseball hooked me and Wensman up with tickets to the Dodgers. They got creamed by Philadelphia, but being able to attend a League Championship game was amazing. It was actually the only Dodgers game I caught all season. Scott remembered to remind me to always eat the grilled Dodger Dog, not the regular boiled, I supposed, Dodger Dog.

Spider-Man Widget for Activison

This is one of the first video widgets we’ve created for Activision, through Myspace’s partner SpringWidgets. The game is Spider-Man Web of Shadows. I’ve played it, it’s fun especially if you’re a fan of the superhero genre. Some game reviews are here. The template is called “studio widget.” I think you can tell it’s a template; the videos are great, but unlike Doubleclick Rich Media we aren’t able to serve true HD video through the unit. And there is a lot more we could do in the unit. The good news is that it was a promo on the front of the Myspace Comic Book community page, so it got some serious views and page embeds.