Marketing Class at USC

Taught a digital marketing class last week at USC as part of the Advertising Educational Foundation program with DDB. My how things have changed. For one thing, the kids are taking notes with laptops. Which is to say they are using the free school wifi to update Facebook pages while the boring guest speaker drones on about social media and brand engagement.

I managed to get one pot smoking joke in which the professor pointed out was a wise choice to get them on my side. They also enjoyed the case studies as I used some YouTube bids to make my points.

The kids are alright.

Fun in the Sun

Henry in his blow up pool, which then serves as a kind of water reservoir for the vegetable and flower gardens.

Saw "Funny People" last night, which is worth it for the stand-up routines alone. Seth Rogan is fantastic. Will have to think up a good review.

Also, met J and Z and families up at Trails in Griffith Park. The avacado sandwich is killer. There is something about the soy bacon bits that make it. I know, soy bacon bits. Who wouldn't be a little skeptical?

Sorry, I’ve been too busy with the Kindle

Well, I did get a Kindle for Father’s Day. And yes, I do think it’s an elegant device. And no, I don’t think it will make the book go the way of the coal stove. I have been spending more time reading.

My hosting company has been in the process of an upgrade and while vacationing in beautiful Ocracoke, North Carolina I wasn’t able to make any updates for a while. But all the technical issues, as much as they were issues, which wasn’t that much, are fully resolved, and now I’m back in blogging mode.

For a while, I think that Twitter was taking away from my blog time. That and having a new baby daughter. She’s four months old, and with Henry turning three (three already!) tomorrow, my hands have been full, full, full.

I’m back. Now I just have to think of something interesting to say.

St. Nicolas

We are up in Northridge today for a Greek wedding and a baptism. Beautiful church that feels like it was built in the age of astronauts. Very '60s vibe and broad sunny grounds. Congrats to Takki, Mabyn and their son, Stavos. We went to their first wedding in Little Rock, and of course here we ran into some Arkansas folks who went to school and were friends with Ashley and Caroline.

It's been overcast for days on the Westside, so it's nice to get up here in the sun and sit under a tree for a few minutes.

Metro Bus Chronicles

Happy Anniversary, Left on Red. I looked back to the first post in this blog, seven years ago. Before marriage (before Caroline!), DDB and before I had any real sense that I'd still be caught up in the wacky world of web marketing.

I'm waiting for the bus under a blank grey sky. Another day of light dimmed by the June Gloom of L.A. A duet by Merchant and Stipe on the headphones, the live audience clapping and it's that quick jab of nostalgia that rushes to my brain. What a pleasure – what a rush – to peek back with no regret! What a lucky seven years. Such pleasure lives in Progress. Happy day.