Seattle – A Couple of Restaurant Reviews

This past week I spent a few days in Seattle working in our office there with some of my incredible colleagues and friends. I was lucky enough to have a few great meals while there, and I posted some Yelp reviews.

It was nice to be in winter weather, and it was a welcome change from balmy Los Angeles, but I did miss my family and friends. It’s good to be back in town. Today was a gorgeous day.

I took this photo of a snowy peak, poking through the cloud cover, on the flight from Seattle to Salt Lake City for a business meeting.

Here are the two Yelp reviews. Both of these restaurants are in Belltown, just a few blocks from one another:

Eater L.A. – Great “Top Chef” Coverage

Okay, I know that constantly animating .gif images are not in the realm of web page best practices, but this one illustrates one of my favorite blog finds of late: the play-by-play funny coverage of this season of Top Chef on L.A. Eater.

You can read the latest post here, and can track back for reviews of your favorite episodes. They’re haters when it comes to Carla, but I can’t help but loving this wild-eyed kook of a Southern sister.

Favorite excerpt of this week’s episode review, (which had little to do with Top Chef):

“I am going to start watching Chopped. If you’ve seen that show, you know that the secret ingredients are always presented in a black leather picnic basket. Weird, right? That’s the sort of picnic where everyone drinks Scotch and snorts Valium. Creepy.”

Casa Sanchez

I love L.A., premium Cadillac margaritas and Saturdays. Scotty Dub-yuh aka “Calculus” and Bretty aka “DGITNFL” hit Casa Sanchez for a night out. What a great time. The fantastic mariachi band, singers and dancers stayed on a stage that looked like a set straight out of a classic L.A. film noir. Even better, they didn’t roam around the room. Great food. Great fun. Located on the west side of Culver City at Centinela and Culver, you can read my review on Yelp here.

Here’s a photo of the mariachi band. I like how the lighting and the Blackberry camera phone quality make it look like a vintage snap, which is interesting because the decor of the place has a vintage feel as well, with oil paintings of Mexican movie stars and heavy drapery.

Some Friday Viral Video Fun

It’s one of those days. It’s raining in L.A. There’s too much work to do and it’s already lunch on Friday. One of those days when you might just need a little laugh.

This is a not-quite-an-oldie-but-still-goodie. From Videogum, this Best of Viral Video ’08 has some stuff you’ve probably seen, and some other stuff you haven’t. It’s all funny and silly. This was found on Adland from a post last month.

Videogum Best of 2008 Viral Videos

Red-eyes, Football and Communists.

The brothers Thomas & Jefferson beer red-eyes set-up at the Burruss household. It was a great day. We’ve started a Sunday extended family dinner and kicked it off this week at our house with a circle of friends. Homemade chili, chips and guacamole, playing out in the back yard with the kids. Ryzer is a natural golfer, and hit dozens of balls with his plastic club, with perfect follow through. Jen T. made crazy good chocolate Guinness cupcakes, black as peat. Familial communism, or just extended family fun? Is the family extending in new ways? It was interesting to even find some writing:

Where the Hell Am I?

I got turned around after getting off a Delta flight at LAX and somehow ended up in a subterranean passageway connected Terminals 5 and 6. It looks like a scene from George Lucas’s THX 1138. After I finally reached the end of the tunnel, a couple of guys turned the corner in front of me and exclaimed, “I’ve seen this in a movie.” To which one of them added, “and in the movie we get shot.”

Just plain weird.

L.A. Victory Gardens

Victory gardens sprout up again – Los Angeles Times

A vegetable garden sounds like a great project. We’ve been talking about converting our overly grassy (but very nice) front lawn and part of the backyard into a food source. We’ve already started putting all of our fruit and vegetable cuttings and peels, eggshells and coffee grounds into the Green city bin. It’s cut down on the amount of garbage we toss (and made us realize how much of our unrecyclable waste is disposable diapers).