Sunday in the Garage

25 Things I Like About My Garage

  1. It’s my space, and no one bothers me about it
  2. The wedding poster that Yee Haw Industries made for our wedding in Athens, GA
  3. Red toolboxes
  4. A Consular license plate I found in the street
  5. The iPod dock I got from Google one year
  6. The Helen Stellar band poster from The Knitting Factory – The ink glows in the dark
  7. Found art, like the painting
  8. Screws and hardware organized in jelly jars, just like my grandfather in Tennessee
  9. Grid paper notebook from a stationery shop in Paris
  10. Collection of vintage holiday slides from Rome, picked up on eBay
  11. Vintage ceramic lamp base I found in a Goodwill in Los Feliz
  12. You can never have too much pegboard
  13. Plastic tray from Milan, Italy. I’ve never been to Milan
  14. Levels, squares and rules that keep everything ordered
  15. Back copies of ReadyMade magazines, just in case the spirit moves me
  16. A playlist on the iPod that has The The, The Grateful Dead, The Shins, The Jam and The Talking Heads
  17. Black & white photo my brother took in Kentucky
  18. Set of chisels and a Dremel for sculpting plaster
  19. Black sharpies and masking tape for labeling bins
  20. Rope and string and a guide to use to practice tying knots
  21. Rags made from old cargo pants that remind me of another time and place
  22. WD-40 and duct tape, which is a cure for warts and other ailment
  23. Wood glue, the secret to building anything from IKEA
  24. Candle from Ocracoke Candle Company that reminds me of my sister
  25. Beer caps from our first Christmas party, nailed to the wall beams

Obama Iguana

I’m waiting for a Big Blue Bus on Pico (dropped my VW off at Barrington Motors – they’re skilled and fair foreign car mechanics if you’re in need) and found another great Obama artwork. This one is on the wall of a pet store, hence the President looking like he’s landed in a reptilian terrarium. His expression: fearful that orange lizard is about to defecate in his palm. Special shout out to the G.I. Joe in Saigon ’72 whorehouse. style typography.

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