St. Nicolas

We are up in Northridge today for a Greek wedding and a baptism. Beautiful church that feels like it was built in the age of astronauts. Very '60s vibe and broad sunny grounds. Congrats to Takki, Mabyn and their son, Stavos. We went to their first wedding in Little Rock, and of course here we ran into some Arkansas folks who went to school and were friends with Ashley and Caroline.

It's been overcast for days on the Westside, so it's nice to get up here in the sun and sit under a tree for a few minutes.

Metro Bus Chronicles

Happy Anniversary, Left on Red. I looked back to the first post in this blog, seven years ago. Before marriage (before Caroline!), DDB and before I had any real sense that I'd still be caught up in the wacky world of web marketing.

I'm waiting for the bus under a blank grey sky. Another day of light dimmed by the June Gloom of L.A. A duet by Merchant and Stipe on the headphones, the live audience clapping and it's that quick jab of nostalgia that rushes to my brain. What a pleasure – what a rush – to peek back with no regret! What a lucky seven years. Such pleasure lives in Progress. Happy day.