About Me

I’m an Executive Producer at GSD&M, a full service advertising and communications agency in Austin, Texas. I focus on digital production, and lead a team of very smart and very hard-working  producers who keep me on my toes. My favorite part of my job is being able to explore and share interesting and insightful work being done in our field and working with across multiple teams and clients on digital strategy, creative, user experience, design and development. I’m lucky to have a profession that values curiosity and affords me the time to think, play, share and create.

My real job is outside an office as a father to two wonderful kids. What it doesn’t pay in dollars it over-compensates in joy.

I’m the author of the 1999 and 2000 “365 Cocktails a Year” calendars. So, yes, I’ve been stricken with writer’s block for the entire millennium. I’m looking to change the outlook on that.

I love all things savory and sweet.

I suppose you'd call this an official site.