Life is good in the summertime in Austin, Texas. Work keeps me busy, life keeps rolling along, the kids are getting older, and the bugs are getting buggier.

The lake is still when I drive to work in the morning. Occasionally I see a rower, the wake of the boat making a perfect ripple across what had been the still surface of the lake.

Corporate Housing

Thankfully, I brought the Xbox with me to Austin, and have some photos ordered from Snapfish, so this corporate apartment in South Austin doesn’t feel like I’m under house arrest. I look out over the garden center of a Home Depot, and the complex sits right on the frontage road of a major Austin freeway. It doesn’t take much to get the mental picture, but I’m thankful to GSD&M; for putting me up here for sure. Oh, and I’ve also discovered the magic of Redbox, and the danger of being next door to a Chick-Fil-A.

Marketing Class at USC

Taught a digital marketing class last week at USC as part of the Advertising Educational Foundation program with DDB. My how things have changed. For one thing, the kids are taking notes with laptops. Which is to say they are using the free school wifi to update Facebook pages while the boring guest speaker drones on about social media and brand engagement.

I managed to get one pot smoking joke in which the professor pointed out was a wise choice to get them on my side. They also enjoyed the case studies as I used some YouTube bids to make my points.

The kids are alright.

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